Eucharistic Wafer

(You-CUR-wrist-tic WAY-fur)
Variations: Bread, Blessed Sacrament, Holy Communion, The Wafer
Until blessed and transformed through religious service, the Eucharistic Wafer is merely a piece of unleavened bread. The Roman Catholic Church considers the Eucharistic Wafer to be a holy object, the embodiment of the flesh of Jesus Christ, the symbol of His purity. The Bible says that during the Last Supper "The Lord took bread," and without any further information to go on it can thereby be assumed that the bread being used was wheaten bread, as Jesus, being Jewish, would have used unleavened bread.
Source: Rubin, Corpus Christi, 118, 130; Sofer, Stage
Life of Props, 31­32; Stephens, Demon Lovers, 221­40

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